NWB Licenses

Title Administrator Applicant License Number ID Project Project Status Edit
License ID 14 Manager Licensing Gordon Osinski U of Western Ontario 3BC-PRH1010 14 Approved
License ID 15 Bathurst Inlet Lodge Manager Licensing Bathurst Inlet Lodge 7BL-BIL1215 15 Bathurst Inlet Lodge Approved
License ID 16 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Arctic Bay 3BM-ARC1419 16 Approved
License ID 17 License Administrator Hamlet of Cape Dorset 3BM-CAP0810 17 Pending PTR
License ID 18 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Chesterfield 3BM-CHE1013 18 Approved
License ID 89 Manager Licensing Aurora Energy Resources Inc. 2BE-KAZ0609 89 Approved
License ID 19 Hamlet of Clyde River Manager Licensing Hamlet of Clyde River 3BM-CLY1419 19 Hamlet of Clyde River Approved
License ID 20 Hamlet of Gjoa Haven License Administrator Hamlet of Gjoa Haven 3BM-GJO1318 20 Hamlet of Gjoa Haven Approved
License ID 21 Hamlet of Hall Beach Manager Licensing Hamlet of Hall Beach 3BM-HAL1520 21 Hamlet of Hall Beach Approved
License ID 22 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Rankin Inlet 3BM-RAN1214 22 Approved
License ID 23 Administrative Assistant GN-CGS 3BM-RUT1012 23 Approved
License ID 24 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Sanikiluaq 3BM-SAN1214 24 Approved
License ID 25 License Administrator GN-DOEDT 3BM-YRB0308 N4L3-1561 25 Incomplete Application
License ID 26 Kugaaruk Landfarm, Hamlet of Kugaaruk Manager Licensing GN-CGS 1BR-KRK1112 26 Kugaaruk Landfarm, Hamlet of Kugaaruk Approved
License ID 27 Bathurst Inlet Port and Road License Administrator BIPAR Company 8BW-BAT---- 27 Bathurst Inlet Port and Road On hold Re NIRB
License ID 90 Manager Licensing Stantec Consulting Ltd. 8BD-GIN1112 90 Approved
License ID 91 Goose Lake Manager Licensing Sabina Gold & Silver Corporation 2BE-GOO1015 91 Goose Lake Approved
License ID 92 Manager Licensing Northern Networks Ltd. 7BL-NNL1115 92 Approved
License ID 93 Meliadine West Gold Manager Licensing Comaplex Minerals 2BB-MEL0914 93 Meliadine West Gold Approved
License ID 95 Crater Lake Manager Licensing North Country Gold 2BE-CRA1015 95 Crater Lake Approved
License ID 96 Manager Licensing Commander Resources 2BE-NAD0813 96 Approved
License ID 97 Manager Licensing DCC 1BR-CAP0914 97 Approved
License ID 98 Manager Licensing Scott Lamoureux 3BC-CBA1015 98 Approved
License ID 99 Manager Licensing Agnico-Eagle 2BE-PLP---- 99 Withdrawn by Applicant
License ID 100 License Administrator Aura Silver Resources Inc. 2BE-GRE1012 100 Approved
License ID 101 Meliadine East Administrative Assistant Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. 2BE-MEP0813 101 Meliadine East Approved
License ID 102 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Pond Inlet 3BM-PON1012 102 Approved
License ID 104 Administrative Assistant Department of National Defence 3BC-ERK1015 104 Approved
License ID 105 Manager Licensing Kathy Young 3BC-HEL1015 105 Approved
License ID 28 Manager Licensing Qikiqtaaluk Corp. 8BW-CLY0810 28 Approved
License ID 29 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Repulse Bay 8BW-REP---- 29 Withdrawn by Applicant
License ID 106 Manager Licensing Department of Geology, McGill University 3BC-MGU1015 106 Approved
License ID 109 License Administrator Cdn. Wildlife Service 3BC-ASM1010 109 Approved
License ID 110 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Baker Lake 3BM-BAK1015 110 Approved
License ID 111 License Administrator CanZinco/Breakwater Resources 1AR-NAN0914 111 Approved
License ID 112 Manager Licensing Hamlet of Chesterfield 8BW-CHI---- 112 Withdrawn by Applicant
License ID 113 Manager Licensing Cdn. Arctic Holidays 7BL-AWL1015 113 Approved