NWB Licenses

Title Administrator Applicant License Number ID Project Project Status Edit
License ID 56 Manager Licensing MMG 2AM-HIG---- 56 Withdrawn
License ID 57 Kiggavik License Administrator Areva Resources Canada Inc. 2AM-KIG---- 57 Kiggavik Pending NIRB
License ID 58 Meliadine Gold License Administrator Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited 2AM-MEL---- 58 Meliadine Gold Out for Comments
License ID 59 Mary River Administrative Assistant Baffinland Iron Mines Corp 2AM-MRY1325 59 Mary River Approved
License ID 60 Meliadine West Gold Manager Licensing Comaplex Minerals Corp 2BB-MEL0914 60 Meliadine West Gold Approved
License ID 61 Meliadine West Gold Manager Licensing Comaplex Minerals Corp 2BB-MEL0914 61 Meliadine West Gold Approved
License ID 62 Manager Licensing Kivalliq Energy Corp 2BE-ANG0813 62 Approved
License ID 63 Manager Licensing Weststar Resources Corp 2BE-BPC---- 63 Withdrawn
License ID 64 Manager Licensing Stornaway Diamond Corp. 2BE-CGP1012 64 Approved
License ID 65 Manager Licensing Stornaway Diamond Corp. 2BE-CGR1012 65 Approved
License ID 66 Manager Licensing Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. 2BE-CHI0813 66 Approved
License ID 67 Manager Licensing Uravan Minerals Inc. 2BE-GAR0710 67 Withdrawn
License ID 68 Grail Project located in the Boothia Peninsula Manager Licensing Indicator Minerals 2BE-GRA1217 68 Grail Project located in the Boothia Peninsula Approved
License ID 70 Manager Licensing Newmont 2BE-HOP0712 70 Approved
License ID 71 Manager Licensing Newmont 2BE-HOP0712 71 Approved
License ID 72 Manager Licensing Newmont 2BE-HOP0712 72 Approved
License ID 73 Manager Licensing Areva Resources Canada Inc. 2BE-KIG0812 73 Rejected by NWB
License ID 74 Manager Licensing True North Gems Inc. 2BE-KIM1011 74 Approved
License ID 75 Manager Licensing 5050 Nunavut Ltd. 2BE-MCG1015 75 Approved
License ID 76 Manager Licensing Advanced Explorations Inc. 2BE-PEN---- 76 Withdrawn
License ID 77 Manager Licensing Canterra Minerals Corporation 2BE-PER0610 77 File Closed
License ID 78 License Administrator Tahera Diamond Corporation 2BE-ROC0305 78 Pending Legal
License ID 79 Manager Licensing Golden Bull 2BE-SLA0814 79 Approved
License ID 80 Manager Licensing Commander Resources 2BE-STO1015 80 Approved
License ID 81 License Administrator Kennecott Canada Exploration Inc. 2BE-TAK0204 81 Approved
License ID 119 Manager Licensing Defence Construction Canada 1BR-FOX0713 119 Returned to Applicant
License ID 120 Manager Licensing Defence Construction Canada 1BR-DYE0914 NWB5DYE04009 120 Approved
License ID 122 Iqaluit Airport Manager Licensing Transport Canada 1BR-LTU1013 122 Iqaluit Airport Approved
License ID 123 Manager Licensing Lupin Mines Incorporated 2AM-LUP0914 123 Approved
License ID 124 Manager Licensing Stornoway Diamond Corporation 2BE-MIP0608 124 Approved
License ID 125 Manager Licensing Qikiqtaaluk Corporation 8BW-CLY1216 125 Approved
License ID 126 Manager Licensing Benachee Resources Inc. 2AM-JER0410 N7L2-1666 126 Approved
License ID 127 Bear Island Remediation Project License Administrator Indian & Northern Affairs Canada 1BR-BEA1015 127 Bear Island Remediation Project Approved
License ID 128 Meadowbank Gold Manager Licensing Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. 2AM-MEA0815 128 Meadowbank Gold Approved
License ID 129 The Back River Project Manager Licensing Sabina Gold & Silver Corp 2BE-GEO1015 129 The Back River Project Approved
License ID 130 Manager Licensing Cameco Corporation 2BE-QAM0813 130 Approved
License ID 131 Manager Licensing University of Colorado Museum of Natural History 3BC-ELL1010 131 Approved
License ID 1 License Administrator Hamlet of Arviat 3AM-ARV1015 1 Approved
License ID 2 Rankin Inlet Manager Licensing Hamlet of Rankin CGS 3AM-GRA1015 2 Rankin Inlet Approved
License ID 3 License Administrator City of Iqaluit 3AM-IQA0611 N5L4-0087 3 Withdrawn by Applicant
License ID 4 Manager Licensing Benoit Beauchamp 3BC-ACP1010 4 Approved
License ID 5 Administrative Assistant DND 3BC-ALT1015 5 Approved
License ID 6 Manager Licensing University of Sherbrooke 3BC-BAR1013 6 Approved
License ID 7 Manager Licensing B&J Fly-Fishing 7BL-EKK1015 7 Approved
License ID 8 Manager Licensing Wayne Pollard McGill University 3BC-FOS1015 8 Approved
License ID 9 Manager Licensing Pierre Francus 3BC-FRA1013 9 Approved
License ID 10 Manager Licensing Hakongak Outfitting 7BL-HKO1015 10 Approved
License ID 11 Manager Licensing Cdn. Wildlife Service, EC 3BC-KAR0812 11 Approved
License ID 12 Manager Licensing Elizabeth Turner 3BC-MBP1010 12 Approved
License ID 13 License Administrator Geological Survey of Canada 3BC-NTC1012 13 Approved